Manila rope, diameter 6mm, length 5 meters Code ka-18425

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    Welcome to our сollection of new exotic product position - Manila rope. Manila rope is made from the fibers of the plant Musa textilis or Musa trogloditorum textoria - a technical banana that has a fairly coarse fiber. The color of the fibers - from yellowish-creamy to light coffee colour. This fiber also has the names abacus, manila, muse - it's all about the same thing. Manila rope is 100% natural. This plant is grown in countries such as the Philippines, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Kenya. The whole process of processing raw materials and obtaining fibers is done manually.

    In addition to ropes, manila is used to make carpets, upholstery materials, paper and fabric. The main advantage of Manila ropes is that they do not sink in sea water. On average, the Manila rope is 25% lighter than its flax and jute counterparts. Manila rope is also used in handmade - it is used to make bags, baskets, carpets, furniture (ottomans) and more. It is worth remembering that Manila ropes are compressed when they get wet, the diameter decreases when wet (by 10-15%). Manila rope is stronger in terms of rupture than jute rope of the same diameter, holds knots well.

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